Donate Become a volunteer!
11/03/2018 19:07

In 1985 United Nations General Assembly invited Governments from different countries to annually celebrate the 5th of December as a World Volunteers Day.
Since then World Volunteers Day is yearly celebrated on the 5th of December. This year our town has also joined the official celebration.
78 volunteers, who either work in Charity Fund “Hesed Khana“ or represent city organizations have come to the Kriviy Rig Volunteer Centre. It has been the first celebration of this remarkable date in Kriviy Rig.
A special program was prepared for the volunteers of our town, which allowed them to meet new friends, have a good time together as well as to know about volunteer activity of each participant. One of the girls said that the most important characteristic of volunteering was spending free time assisting other people, not having rest. Unfortunately, the volunteering activity seldom brings us face-to-face with those who take part in different activities. But now volunteers had this great chance.
Each of volunteers introduced himself and told about his merit. Each guest received a thank-you letter from the Volunteer Community network and a keepsake.