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25/07/2019 14:16

Participants of the “Khesed Khana” Charitable Foundation and the Krivoy Rog Volunteer Community volunteers commemorated the victims of World War II.

Community members and volunteers visited Zlatoustovka, visited the Monument to the Victims of Fascism at the execution place of 540 villagers. They also visited the Ingulets colony, where prisoners were used for agricultural work and the construction of the Krivoy Rog-Dnepropetrovsk highway. The first group of 50 Jewish men was shot near the neighboring village Latovka on August 28, 1941. The occupants transferred a part of the working population to a labor camp organized in the neighboring village Novoselovka on May 20, 1942. The Jews who remained in Ingulets were shot in a stone quarry on June 11, 1942. About 1,400 Jews of Ingulets and neighboring villages were killed during the years of occupation. Only 5 Jews were saved thanks to the help of the Ukrainian people. Monuments in Ingulets and Latkovka were set up in memory of the victims. We visited the monuments and honored the victims of the war with a minute of silence …