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06/03/2019 19:56

In August 2015, “Or Orvner” Charitable Foundation and other programs of the Jewish community, supported by the OVES Charitable Foundation, initiated the “So Much Good” social project in Krivoy Rog. The volunteers of our organization have been actively involved in the project since 2017.

The primary project goal is to collect plastic bottle caps. Collected caps are sent for recycling in Dnipro. First of all, the purpose of the action is ecological. Reducing the amount of plastic around us has a positive effect on the environment. The collected plastic is transferred for recycling, and all money earned are aimed to help people in need. 16 tons of plastic have been collected by Krivoy Rog citizens over the three years of the campaign.

In December 2018, 2000 UAH was given for the treatment of Lapchenko Eugene and 4000 UAH – on the cosmetic surgery for the student of school number 90, who got into an accident.

The actions are quite simple: instead of throwing the cap in the trash, you can accumulate the caps for a week and bring them to the gathering place once a week. The synagogue in Krivoy Rog has become such a gathering place! Active collection of caps is happening in offices and in the workplace now, as an incredible number of Krivoy Rog citizens of different age responded immediately to the action! Hotels and sports clubs, hospitals and business centers, shops and cafes, libraries and schools installed containers independently and collect plastic right now.

Thus, there is an easy charity, and we give a person the opportunity to do a good deed, without investing large sums of money.