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25/07/2016 19:07

The project “Shabbat shalom, Jewish Home” aims to strengthen the Jewish traditions and to unify the community. Therefore on the third Friday of every month our volunteers hold Shabbat for the participants of Hesed programs.

On the 1st of July our volunteers visited two houses where they were kindly welcomed by the hostesses. Lighting the candles, heartful talk about “Queen Saturday”, reciting Kiddush (blessing of wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat and Jewish holidays) and conversation about weekly Torah portions – our participants have not seen all this in their homes for a long time. Events from childhood, which are so sentimental to their hearts, recur to the memory. All visitors were glad, and the Jewish hostesses wait for new meetings.

Only volunteers who are prepared for Shabbat’s carrying out took part in this action. They came home to Hesed’s participants with great pleasure and will continue doing this on a regular basis.

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