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01/03/2016 11:19

In November, 2015 the volunteers of All-Ukrainian Volunteer network “Community” were in Nikolaev where they took part in the international cemetery restoring works. Young people from Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhie responded to the proposal of Nikolaev activists. For our colleagues from Kryvyi Rih it was the first volunteer trip within the “Feel Ukraine” project.

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The schedule was planned for three days. It consisted of sightseeing tour of the beautiful city of Nikolaev, cleaning up of the cemetery territory, and a visit to one of the best zoo in Ukraine. Participants organized their leisure time individually.

There was much work on the cemetery. It had been almost turned into wood, and the volunteres got down to work with great eagerness. The majority of burials were of the 50-60th years of the XX century, but there were also burials from the earlier period. The unusual gravestones occured, too.

As a result of two day’s efforts a considerable volume of work was done, tens of graves were cleaned up.