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11/03/2018 19:06

“Hanukkah to Each Home”

Volunteers of our Centre light candles in houses of elderly and lonely people. We’ve visited Maya Naumovna Pervova, and very hospitable sisters Raisa Israilevna and Ella Israilevna Valerstein. We‘ve had a very interesting conversation and spent a wonderful time together.

Our volunteers have also acted as “postmen of kindness” and brought with them not only Hanukkah candles and traditional treats, but also greeting cards made by the children from the kindergarten and school Or-Avner, who participated in the action “Miracle on Demand”.

Hanukkah Master-Class in the “Day Centre” Program

On the eve of Hanukkah fest participants of the program “Day Centre” and our volunteers made presents for their loved ones and friends and also learned about history and traditions of the Holiday of Light and Kindness.