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01/03/2016 18:55

On April 26th the “Good Deeds Day” within the “Good Deeds Week” world project was organized in Kryvyi Rih. Volunteers’ and charitable organizations of the city, represented by Kryvyi Rih Volunteer Network “Community”, Charity Foundation “Hesed Khana”, and Charity Foundation “Or-Avner” acted as facilitators of this event. Today the project “Good Deeds Week” covers 27 countries, 130 cities, 2 500 projects and more than 120 000 participants. In Ukraine it is regularly carried out in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kryvyi Rih.

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The purpose of the “Good Deeds Day” was the fund raising for Association of children with autism. This organization helps its wards to socialize. The founders of the Association believe that such children can become adequate members of the society, and see their task  in creating all possible conditions for this. At that moment they were raising funds for the summer camp for the wards where they planed to invite experts working with children with special needs, including a child psychologist.

This year several actions and events took place within the “Good Deeds Day” in Kryvyi Rih.  The personal growth session for parents was the first one, having Oksana Chikalo as coach. New techniques and methods, which will help children to manage their life and define their place in the society, were shown to the participants. день добрых дел (2) день добрых дел (1)
The municipal enterprises also associated themselves to realization of the “Good Deeds Day” in Kryvyi Rih. The trolleybus depot No. 2 provided a trolleybus for the charitable route. All raised money was transferred to the Association of the children with autism (Kryvyi Rih).

Money collecting also took place in the “Donate Good” shop that day. The funds rasied from sales of clothes and other household items were transferred to the Association.

In the evening the volunteers of “Community” organized the entertainment show for all visitors of the park of Artyom recreation centre. There it was possible to take part in the “Be in fashion – Do Good” photo session. The mime group “Both-2” also participated in the event. The mime artist willingly contacted with children and photographed with everyone. The Volunteers carried out lively dancing flash-mobs with bypassers on the motives of Israel and other songs.

During the event everybody presenting on the city square learned much about charitable and volunteer projects, as well as how it is possible to assist them or to become their participants. All visitors left the festival with small souvenirs: kids  –   with balloons and adults  –   with predictions notes. As these notes were full of kindness and called for doing good deeds, many people took several of them at once!

In the end of the event the volunteers showed social video clips to the participants. The improvised movie theater was located in the open air; the wall of Artyom recreation centre was used as a screen.

During the “Good Deeds Day” we managed to collect about 2000 UAH, which were transferred to the Association of the children with autism. These funds will be allocated for the qualified specialists of the correctional course carrying out in Kryvyi Rih autistic children’s camp. The founders of the Association and the parents, who came to the event together with their kids, expressed deep gratitude to the organizers of the action for their assistance. The organizers, in their turn, wished them to spend a good time in the summer camp.